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Congressman Maxine Waters loves dictator Castro, accused President Bush as a racist, hates white people and generally despises all things American. She is now the newest poster gal for what's wrong with Congress. 

The bi-partisan House Ethics Committee is ready to accuse her for major inside bank job in which her husband is a major stockholder. Last year, One United Bank, a large minority owned bank, received $12 million in bailout funds. According to the LA Times the funding came after Walters arranged meetings between the bank and the Treasury Department. Three months later the bank got your money. 

Today the Flashreport headlines feature that Maxine would rather have a trial than admit fault. 

This is good. 

80 year old Charles Rangel, formerly chair of the Ways and Means Committee, responsible for tax laws, is accused of not paying his taxes, thus breaking his own laws. He may face trial in September, just a cool 50 days before the November elections. 

Don't forget the Grifter of Congress. Our own pathetic Laura Richardson---who bought three homes, then stiffed the banks. So, far nothing coming from the House Ethics. They may figure they have no jurisdiction for misdeeds done before her election. 

We do have two solutions for our local embarrassments. Bruce Brown is waging a multi community coalition opposing Maxine's reign of terror over her district. Everyone in Long Beach knows how bad is grifter Laura Richardson -- so super star writer and speaker Star Parker is waging another grass roots campaign. . If there was ever a time to remove two corrupt politicians this is the year. 

When Republicans lost the House in 2006, the most important reason was nearly meaningless scandal, with Rep Mark Foley's texting sexually suggestive messages to House pages. Unlike Congressman Barney Frank, Foley didn't engage.  Foley's scandal was  "invented" . The MSM coordinated a massive propaganda campaign with Congressman Rahm Emanuel. The attacks were devastating. The round the clock publicity immediatetly cost the leads of  scores of Republicans in the late September polls. Mark Foley [who? ] was literally one of the best known people on earth that fall. 

Conservatives have no reason to hope the same for Rangel, Waters or Richardson. After all these people only stole money. They used the House to exploit the system for their personal benefit. Many democrats believe in wealth redistributions for themselves.

Luckily, most Americans don't believe much of what MSM has to say. Tea Parties are evidence there is a huge multi ethnic middle class eruption. 

Chances are good we won't be seeing Rangel, Waters or Richardson. They will either be defeated this fall or go to jail. Or both