Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Michelle Malkin is no bigger than a minute--in real life, she must weigh 100 pounds soaking wet. WARNING: Be careful of a Malkin hug. She can break a couple ribs!

Here's why I really admire her.

She has a voice that will never be denied by intelligent people. She has a tensile strength in fighting the Left in America, and her passion for our troops is a ceaseless miracle.

Michell Malkin

Where does she find the energy to do all that she does for this country, to keep us safe, warn us about dangers that are lurking from illegal immigration, Islamists who want to kill us, and still find time for her wonderful husband Jesse and her two babies?

I'm proud to re-post her blog from this weekend .

Lead Story
The return of the EaglesBy Michelle Malkin  •  August 12, 2007 08:34 AM  salute.jpg
Photo courtesy of Leslie GraingerThey’re coming back to Washington, D.C. Will you stand with them? As you’ll recall, the first Gathering of Eagles in March to counter the White Flag mob drew unprecedented masses to the nation’s capital in support of the troops and their mission. In 33 days, the Eagles and a number of similar organizations plan to answer the ANSWER crowd again. GOE is holding a Freedom Walk on September 10 and Operation Eagle Justice on September 15.Eagles Landing “will assemble in Washington, D.C. on September 15, 2007 in support of America, our troops, and our fallen brothers and sisters.”fight.jpgMove America Forward will once again lead a cross-country caravan to D.C. as part of the Fight for Victory tour:Supporters of Operation Iraqi Freedom will conduct a nationwide caravan along with more than 2-dozen rallies calling for continued support of U.S. troops based in Iraq in the days leading up to General David Petraeus September 15th report to Congress.From September 3, 2007 through September 15, 2007 the nation’s largest grassroots, pro-troop organization, Move America Forward will lead thousands of supporters in a cross-country effort called the “FIGHT FOR VICTORY TOUR.” Here’s MAF’s itinerary.vets.jpgAnd the Vets for Freedom “are mobilizing Iraq and Afghanistan veterans to engage members of Congress during the entire month of August and tell them that General Petraeus needs adequate troops, time, and resources to complete the mission in Iraq.” Sign up here for the Sept. 17-18 mission.Mark these dates and events on your calendars. Donate. Volunteer. Spread the word. If you missed the 1st GOE, this is your chance to make your voice heard, bear witness to history, and make a difference.***Flashback report from the 1st GOE: