Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

The latest "Journolist" emails show how the liberal media planned negative stories about Sarah Palin's

Down's Syndrome child.

Only 1 conviction after 30 years...for the killing fields genocide of Cambodia


The "Wiki-Leaker" founder is trying to prove war crimes...but has a history of discredited publicity ploys


Julian Assange of Wikileaks: Anarchist wackjob convicted computer hacker says he is a "destroyer of worlds"


Obama's DOJ Immigration Hypocrisy on Sanctuary Cities


Video: The Soviet Story  Documentary about Soviet participation in the Holocaust


Mother Nature is dissipating oil in the Gulf of Mexico, cleanup boats having trouble finding it


The China oil spill has been contained in ......11 days.


More Obama vacations!  Michelle has booked 30 rooms in Marbella Spain at 5-star resort??!! Up to $7000/nt per room?!!!


Director Oliver Stone: Hitler Love/Jew Hate, Hollywood gives him a pass because he's THEIR bigot


Up next: The Audacity of Hope Flotilla to will Barry Soetoro explain that one?


I left my heart in wait...a day in the life of the Border Patrol


Michelle Obama: Ugly on Parade    Lame Cherry and Hillbuzz reviews of Man-chelle body and bags