Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Reveille Morning Headlines:  BP CEO Tony Hayward will resign in October?


China's Oil Spill--15 hour pipeline fire has become a 70 mile spill...sound familiar?  lots of photos


Iranian nuclear scientist who just went back to Iran was actually a double agent who probably misled us about when Iran will be nuke-ready


November election alert: "Non-Profit" Agency is Attempting to End the Electoral College for the 2012 election...monitor this!

Justice Ginsburg May Also Leave the Supreme Court Soon


Killer cold winter in South America--80 dead so far...


Religion of "Peace" Update: Jihad, Sharia activity worldwide


Lesson of the little, lost Lindsay Lohan and her loser mother


Mickey Kaus Unplugged: The Democrat blogger/author who ran against Barbara Boxer this spring almost sounds like a Republican.....