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Dear Friends

Our Troops Carry on the Legacy of Our Founding Fathers
and Their Fight for Independence Which We Celebrate Today
The 4th of July is a time to remember America’s first troops, those who fought to forge a new nation, to gain independence from England. Since that first battle for independence, American troops have brought freedom to the shores of countless countries over the whole world, and the American soldier has been the unshakable defender of freedom throughout the world, standing against all odds, against any enemy.

Marc and fellow SEAL on a rooftop much like the same one in Ramadi
When they got back to base, their Chief came in and said they had found the house where the insurgents who had just attacked them were hiding. He did not expect the SEALs to fight twice in the same day, but Marc looked at his chief and said “Roger that, let’s go get them!”  He and his fellow SEALS volunteered to go back into battle.

My Son and my Hero, Marc Alan Lee, US Navy SEAL
I am so proud of my son Marc, and our troops that continue to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan. Today, on this 4th of July, as our nation celebrates our 234th birthday, please think of the troops like my son Marc, and all of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, and remember the troops who are still over there, risking their lives, fighting for our freedoms.Thank you for your support.  I can tell you with certainty that our troops love receiving these packages, and that their spirits are greatly raised when they receive a care package and a message of support from a stranger. 

You can support those troops still fighting by sending a care package through Move America Forward. These packages help them make it through a tough deployment and have lots of goodies that they love to eat.

Sponsor a care package now and help Move America Forward bring our Troopathon total up to $600,000.

On that mission, as the team was making their way up some stairs, they took sniper fire through a window and once again Marc put himself in the line of fire to safe his buddies, but this time, he sacrificed himself and laid down his life to save his buddies and to serve his only mission…which was to protect and defend America.

Marc gave his life for America, for the American people and the ideals we stand for, and the freedoms we enjoy. The brave troops who fought for America’s independence fought for the very same reason, just as all of our troops in all the wars America has fought, fought for freedom and for democracy, and to preserve the strength and prosperity of the American people.

I know my son Marc saw himself that way, and he proudly exemplified the legacy of those first revolutionary warriors who carried the stars and stripes into battle. Marc did that every day in Iraq. He carried the stars and stripes on his shoulder and in his heart as do all of our troops.

He was on patrol with his fellow SEALS in Ramadi in 2006, one of the worst places in all of Iraq at the time. They were on a rooftop and Marc’s buddy Ryan had been critically wounded in a firefight. Marc exposed himself and stood up in the direct line of fire hoping to draw attention to himself, so that the medic could get up to the rooftop. The Medic said Ryan was going to die if they didn’t evacuate him right away. So again Marc stood up again in the line of fire and laid down suppressive fire to cover his buddies so they could carry Ryan safely back to base. He saved Ryan’s life that day.

Happy Fourth of July to all of our MAF supporters and again, a HUGE THANKS to everyone who contributed on Thursday’s Troopathon “Standing for Our Soldiers” we raised over $541,000 for our troops!

Our third annual Troopathon  was a big success! We had a great lineup of guests this year, including the same familiar faces who helped MAF put on two successful Troopathons in 2009 and 2008! We were rejoined by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, Dr. Laura Schlessinger and many more. Gary Sinise and Kelsey Grammer also submitted interviews and we were joined by some new faces like Michele Bachmann, Chuck DeVore and our biggest hit – Alaska’s former Governor Sarah Palin!

It was an exciting night for me and all of my friends here at Move America Forward. I cannot express in words how extremely touched I was as I watched the donations pouring in.  Hearing all of our guests praising the troops, seeing the numbers of viewers on our web stream shooting up, and the orders for care packages rolling in, it brought me to tears several times, just to see the huge outpouring of support.

We are still taking donations, and you can help raise our total from $541,000 to $600,000. Please consider making a donation on this most auspicious day.

Since my son Marc Alan Lee gave his life for his country, I have been fighting to support the troops and speak out on their behalf. I do it for the memory of Marc, who was a Navy SEAL, all his SEAL buddies, and all our brave warriors who serve in our military. That’s why the Troopathon is such an important event every year, near and dear to my heart, and I was so deeply moved by the support showed those who contributed.

Happy Fourth of July, God bless you and our troops, keep them safe, and God bless this land we call the United States of America 

Debbie and her son, Marc Lee

Debbie and her son, Marc Lee


Debbie Lee

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