Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Embrace Your Freedoms!

Are the US Congress sanctions on Iran working yet?  Will They? There is a 'soft' underbelly of the rogue nation: they have no oil refining. Game over?


The government is now threatening to arrest reporters for covering the BP oil spill too closely, even the MSM is complaining


British Petroleum: Is Bankruptcy the Only Way Out?


The huge oil-skimming boat Awhale is now in the Gulf of Mexico...and still not be allowed to get to work


MassResistance has compiled research on Elena Kagan's radical agenda as Dean of Harvard law

America: the Story of Us:...  2 videos: the History Channel segment on the Declaration of Independence and the Star Spangled Banner done the RIGHT way!


Refugees from socialism speak out for July 4


Six months from now, tax hell breaks loose....


Gay Google Employers will now get paid more than Straight workers???


Democrats rewrite the sick history of Sen. Robert KKK Byrd


Apostle Claver and Raging Elephants have put up a "Martin Luther King was a Republican" billboard smack dab in S. Carolina Rep.Clyburn's district.

This post also has Apostle's great video on why the Democratic Party is more racist than the GOP


The Little Obama Movie Opens in Indonesia.  Trailer embedded in this post.  Looks like a wimpy Karate Kid.


A new poll gives  absolutely no confidence whatsoever in the intellect of the American voter...