Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Bill Clinton says blow up the oil well in the gulf (following advice of Russians reported here 3 weeks ago)


Live link to Gen. Petraeus Confirmation hearing....will be set up before it starts this morning ...find it on front a few minutes.


A third carrier group has now moved into place off Iran...latest on prep for what we hope is Israel's attack on Iran nukes.....Mainstream news media coverage of this is....where?


Day 2: The Elena Kagan "Show"  Live Link to second day of confirmation.  Today she will begin taking questions.  Top 101 Reasons why she shouldn't be confirmed and why will she probably will be confirmed anyway.  Live link may have to be adjusted this morning...go to front page of site if link breaks.


Robert Byrd KKK-Kicks the Bucket---the eulogy you won't see on MSNBC.


Another unintended consequence of illegal aliens among us...a whooping cough epidemic has been declared in California


What's in your McDonald's Chicken McNuggets....vs. what's in British version of might be best to eat only those foods which contain chemicals with few than 4 syllables..  I'm just sayin'.


2nd amendment survives another challenge...but it ain't pretty.


Joe Biden Wins Sham Wow Auditions...selling the "Summer of Economic Recovery" shtick