Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Reveille Morning Headlines

Napolitano says she needs to monitor more "homegrown" terrorists...


Will there be war in the Middle East soon? Israel in a war of attrition at sea and on 3 other fronts?  A round up of commentaries and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's saber rattlings over the weekend.


In Oakland California Sunday, big labor union groups staged a huge protest on the docks with radical Islamic pro-Gaza groups to prevent an Israeli ship from big labor and the Islamists are hearting each other now?  Two videos in this post.  hat tip Zombie.


Global warming ain't playin' in Omaha...parents, led by Congressman Lee Terry's wife, are getting a global warming book and video removed from the curriculum...and oh...the book is written by Gore's eco-squeeze, Laurie David... bleahhhhhhhhh.  Take on your school district on this issue while it's summertime.  Good project for parents and kids!

Shape of things to come: The European Union has approved new cap and trade regulations which will require all new homes to be "passive homes" starting in 2020.  What is a passive home you ask???  An ugly eco-box with no furnace. It is"warmed" by your appliances and your body heat.  No, I am not kidding.  There is a "Cap and Trade Bedtime story" video in here, editors.  Daddy, why's it so coooolllldddd?


The next oil spill worries: Toxic gases in the ocean and in the air and the impact on weather this year.  Methane gases are removing the oxygen from the gulf waters, according to report this weekend.


NASA is predicting a huge "solar flare" storm to hit earth in 2013. 


Pro-life taxpayers are funding Planned Parenthood abortions. Nearly a billion dollars to PP in 8 years.


Rahmbo taking his final bow from the White House?  Will the evil-Divo return to ballet?  Dibs on the loge seats.