Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Quietly in March, the State Dept. put Mexico on its "travel warning" list, along with such countries as Iran, Yemen and Afghanistan. 

Travel agents, liberal media and the Obama administration aren't so interested in telling you how many Americans and others are getting murdered in Mexico. Doesn't fit the "shamnesty, blame America" agenda.   Very graphic picture and content.  Stay the hell out of Mexico.


Update on the Obama Internet Power grab....keep focused on this. It could change everything for all of us. <>


New video shows flotilla terrorists being rallied to throw IDF soldiers off the Mavi Marmara....and they did.


Argument against the "Ground Zero" mosque.  New,concise video cites to Koran to show how the "two faces" of Muslims are at work right now.


Carly Fiorina's getting pushback from Silicon Valley execs.  Told ya, NRSC......sigh.


A Call to "Peaceful" Arms by Dell Hill....a way to mobilize for November.


Obama's DOJ attacks Arizona...while the states handle illegal aliens themselves.


Dale Peterson, the Alabama Ag Commish candidate, has a new election won't see this in Commie-fornia.


Angelina's Not Black Enough to be Cleopatra, (Who Wasn't Black) I'm having issues with Essence...