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It's almost time to make history! I'm leaving the imperfect beauty of Northern California to join up with Team Chuck (DeVore) in SoCal for the final push in the nail-biter U.S. Senate race here in the Golden State.

I'll keep you updated as events proceed.

But I'll leave you with this email from Richard Geno, a true patriot and conservative who lives in the San Jose area ...because it applies to all of us statewide.

"....Elections provide us an imperfect world. Too often we must vote for the least of two evils. This was clearly the case when Arnold Schwarzenegger ran for re-election in 2006. Also, something that occurs very often is the that the Republican Party chooses a so-called "moderate" to run against a doctrinaire leftist Democrat, and unfortunately it is like watching an unarmed man in the ring with a Bengal tiger. That is what we witnessed in the presidential election of 2008.

This year we have a chance to support a real conservative who will not refer to Barbara Boxer as "my good friend." He might refer to her as "Maam" once or twice. There are 1-1/2 times as many conservatives in California as there are liberals. The independents and decline-to-states are leaning towards the Republican Party this year. We cannot afford to nominate a Democrat Lite candidate or a total unknown when we have a proven conservative running for the United States Senate in California, and his name is

   Chuck DeVore

As conservatives, won't it be nice to have someone who will not only defend himself, but he will also attack the record of the far left Barbara Boxer? The phrase "fiscal conservative" seems to be the "in" political phrase this year. Even Democrats running this Fall will be calling themselves fiscal conservatives. I wouldn't be surprised if Barbara Boxer has a rationale to call herself one. Don't you believe the "fiscal conservative" line. I am sure that Olympia Snowe and Arlen Specter think they are "fiscal conservatives."

Chuck DeVore is a truly dependable conservative. I have watched him debate, and he is the only candidate that will go toe-to-toe with Barabara Boxer in the Fall."

          Vote for Chuck DeVore for the United States Senate!

Richard Geno (sent as an individual, not as the president of The Conservative Forum, which does not endorse candidates for public office)