Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

But first, the dirt:  Be sure to read the "Gore-y" details of the"other woman" in the Gore divorce


The Flotilla Choir sings "We Con the World"...this is a viral sensation. Congratulations to Caroline Glick and the brave Israelis for showing humor in such a dire situation.


More on the "po' Palestinian pity party"..... a video the Gaza groupies REALLY don't want you to se..



Five days to go till the California primary:

I have reviewed the last voter registration information report before the primary and have found there is now the highest "decline to state" registration in history. There is also high "undecided"  with only 5 days to go.  Bottom line: there are so many new types of voters who aren't being polled...that the polls may not mean anything.  Game on.


Carly Fiorina is AWOL on gun rights  Because the legislature is attacking the 2nd amendment in California right now, there is focus on who will vote to defend gun rights. 


What Can You Do for Chuck DeVore?  Phone bank from home and other links.


Update on the oil spill: Why did Goldman Sachs Sell $250 million of BP stock just before the spill?  Nothing to see here...move along.



Sen. Babs Boxer has another Democrat running against her in the primary.  He is self-branding as the No-Frills Anti-candidate and his new video is a hoot.

Mickey Kaus probably won't win, but anything that gives Boxer a bad hair day is a good thing, of course.


National Debt Clock Watch: Dell Hill calculates the interest on the national debt per person



A new investigation of a poultry plant...this one in Santa Cruz, California. Very graphic.



Ben Shapiro to the American Jewish Community: Get Your Head Out of Your Posterior!


The Clinton Legacy: Baby Bubba, was there hubba-bubba?