Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Reveille Morning Headlines: Don't miss: Sweetness and Light has the story on the Berkeley 501c3 which funded the flotilla...they may have broken federal law by engaging in criminal activity during their "peaceful" humanitarian voyage.  Kumbaya-not.


Supreme Court nominee has mega-bucks ties to the Saudis and ....Osama bin Laden.  Game-changer?  Only if the GOP senators grow some.

New Videos: Netanyahu defends his right to defend, video of the peaceful humanitarians strapping on bullet proof vests, night vision and weapons as they get ready to "greet" the IDF soldiers. ties to Turkish terror group....and oh, Israel sends 25 truckloads of the boats cargo to Gaza...Hamas refuses to accept it.


Jews worldwide are being threatened and beaten due to Flotilla-gate: WHERE is the outrage?   Denmark says Jews are "hunted game" right now. Video of one, lone Jewish guy with a flag who went to the downtown Palestinian protest.  Thanks LAPD.


Carly Fiorina, the Black Panther and the Progressive Left--how does Sarah Palin get off calling her a conservative?   Did Sarah not do her homework?  Was it all about the money, Sarah?  Say it ain't so!   yah right.  crickets chirping.


Got Ovaries?  Vote for DeVore-- Melanie Morgan says we don't like no stinkin' Carly gender card


The Tipper Gore CYA Strategy--it's all about the money