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Many thanks to my girlfriend Jane Jamison, wh has been doing an excellent job searching the headlines for the news behind the news while I am engaged in saving the Golden State right now.

Read away, folks.

Reveille: Morning Headlines: California Ban on open carry passes assembly, Fiorina and the Black Panther


Israeli explanations of blockade, int'l rules, and supplies to Gaza


Canada National Health Care Is a Budget Buster ...and we want this, because?


Carly Fiorina Golden Oldies video


Making the Right Choice for Our Senate Primary (featuring every link known to man)


Poizner gets 72% in California Tea Party Poll...are undecideds making a last hour run for him?


Update on spill, live cam has equpt at work...and a new BP commercial is a hoot


ABC News...Bush Bash and Lies...


FYI  Here's how I voted


The New GM 2011 car


Pause for a refreshing awwwwwwwwwwww from Coca Cola...