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DeVore for California today called upon Carly Fiorina to address, in detail, her critical vulnerabilities to Barbara Boxer should she become the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in California. Though Fiorina often repeats the talking point that she will "hold Boxer accountable," she is a deeply flawed public figure whose weaknesses present multiple opportunities for the well-funded Democratic machine to attack her.

Among Fiorina's potentially crippling vulnerabilities that may allow Barbara Boxer to attack her, rather than engage in issues of importance to Californians:

    --    Her disastrous sojourn as Chairman and CEO at Hewlett-Packard, which resulted in her firing by its board and her total lack of corporate-leadership employment in the five years since.
    --    Her stewardship, while at HP, of a relationship with Redington Gulf in Dubai, explicitly meant to circumvent U.S. export restrictions against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Fiorina named this firm “Wholesaler of the Year” in 2003.
    --    Her record presiding over the still-emerging scandal of HP-related bribery in Russia.
    --    Her record, during her leadership at Lucent, presiding over accounting irregularities cited in an SEC complaint expected to go to trial in June.
    --    Her revisionist praise of Islamic civilization mere days after the 9/11 attacks.
    --    Her long record of political flip-flops, including past support for much of Boxer's own agenda, including the Wall Street Bailout (TARP), portions of the Obama stimulus, cap-and-trade, weakening Proposition 13, Internet taxation, Jesse Jackson, and more -- including claiming to be a “life-long” Republican even though she cast her first ballot in 2000 at the age of 44.

These flaws are documented in multiple public sources, including the just-unveiled website

Chuck DeVore said, "This year, Republicans have an opportunity to confront Barbara Boxer on substantive issues and fundamental principles relating to debt, taxes, and the role of government vs. our unalienable rights. If we do that, we win. The only way we don't win is if Boxer can shift the debate from those issues to the personal baggage of her opponent.

"In light of this, I call upon Carly Fiorina to explain, in detail and before the June 8th primary, exactly how she plans to answer the inevitable Democratic attacks on all these points. She owes it to Republicans to explain why her manifest and multiple weaknesses won't sink our chance to retire Boxer."

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