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From the DeVore Campaign this morning:

One of the problems with Carly Fiorina is that critique or contradiction of her is universally received as lèse majesté: she simply cannot abide anything she perceives as a diminishment of her public stature, and so she lashes out. It's a personality flaw illustrated by the LAT's Robin Abcarian in her portrait of Fiorina:

Fortunately for Carly, this will never happen in the general election or the United States Senate.

It's in that light that we must view Fiorina's rather nasty and contemptuous response to Chuck DeVore at today's debate, following his criticism of her for supporting 2000's Califorina Proposition 26. The story on that, by the bye, is here:

I don't have an exact transcript of what she said -- there was a reference to "dog-paddling" and DeVore's poll numbers -- so I'll just go with the version provided by the official Carly for California Twitter account:

       From -- "It must be frustrating for Chuck DeVore to have so many conservatives endorsing me. Maybe it makes him feel better to belittle others."

Wow, that's kind of mean. And projecting. And -- wait, who's frustrated by whose endorsers?