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Warriors for Congress Condemns “Fake Veteran”

“Senate Candidate Richard Blumenthal dishonored all U.S. Veterans … and should withdraw from Race”


FAIRFIELD, CALIF.  – Warriors for Congress today called for Richard Blumenthal, candidate for U.S. Senate in Connecticut, to withdraw from the race for repeatedly lying about service in Vietnam.


“Senate Candidate Richard Blumenthal dishonored all U.S. veterans when he lied about serving this country in the Vietnam War, and he should withdraw from the race,” said Melanie Morgan, chairman of Warriors for Congress. “If he’ll lie about being a war veteran even as our country fights the War on Terror, he is not trustworthy in any time.


“Career politicians like Blumenthal are the reason citizens don’t trust politicians,” said Morgan, a renowned advocate for U.S. veterans.


The New York Times reported that Blumenthal repeatedly said he had served in Vietnam, but he never did.


In fact, “he obtained at least five military deferments from 1965 to 1970 and took repeated steps that enabled him to avoid going to war, according to records,” the Times reports.


Blumenthal defended himself by saying he had said a “few misplaced words.”


“After reviewing his record, including video of Blumenthal saying he was in Vietnam, we aren’t buying his excuses,” Morgan said. “It’s time for him to do the right thing and remove himself from the Senate race. Our country has had enough of slick and untrustworthy politicians. Blumenthal owes it to veterans and those serving in warzones now to step down. He is not worthy as a candidate for Senate.”


Warriors for Congress ( Melanie Morgan and Catherine Moy started Warriors for Congress to continue their missions of supporting American troops and veterans and to help Warriors help our country.