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And more signs of Fiorina's collapse.

After reading this morning’s post from Erick on the CA Sen Rasmussen poll, I checked out the crosstabs and read a few other interesting articles - one of which is a Poll of Tea Partiers. What I read seems to support the theory that the late movement and momentum is in Chuck DeVore’s favor.

First point - The Rasmussen crosstabs.

Lets take a peek…

Chuck DeVore has the youth (18-29 year olds), with 47% versus Campbell’s 40%, and Fiorina’s 35%. Chuck ranks highest in Republican and conservative support, at 89%/70%, with Campbell at 88%/69% and Fiorina at 87%/66%, this while still beating Fiorina with moderates and Democrats.

Looking at the different economic demographics, it appears that DeVore has the strongest middle class support of the three Republicans. Chuck DeVore is also tied in the “very unfavorables,” at 12%, with Campbell while Fiorina’s nearly doubles their negatives with 21%.

As Joshua Trevino said in a press release “Fiorina performs weakly across the board, without a single lead in any of the poll’s demographic groups.”

I think we will score this as one point in favor of Chuck DeVore.

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