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Team Chuck must be celebrating this morning. Here is a FANTASTIC poll for the true conservative in the U.S. GOP Senate race.


DeVore Grabs 54% of State Tea Party Poll


Pleasanton Tea party poll final:


54% DeVore

21% Fiorina

12% Campbell


Morning Headlines: Attack of the 50 Foot Pelosi..etc.


Coming soon: New Federal Tax on Gasoline


Poizner: Why Didn't Meg Whitman vote for 28 years?


Poizner Toughest on Immigration, Yet Leads Hispanic Voters in California



Elena Kagan: Barack Obama is my hero (and I am a socialist)


Honoring Elena: Leaping Lesbians!


Shane and Hayes in Boston, find out there's a terrorist in the 'hood.


Eric Holder: I Hate the Bill, but I haven't read it


The choice of a lifetime....brave dad turns his back to oncoming car to save son