Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Extra Kagan, Cap-and-trade pdf and commentaries from CLimate Depot and IceCapUS, pension mess 


Why are California elected officials wasting time on Arizona laws when they are running a bankrupt government?  Just sayin.


Continuing the above thread...take a look at the list of businesses and jobs which have left the state since 1990.  The list is so long you might fall asleep before the end.  Again, California has plenty of its own problems.  Leave AZ alone.


Sarah Palin astroturfing in California didn't work out so well for Carly.....Chuck DeVore is up 5 points after the Moose Madam endorsement, Fiorina is tanking...

Are California conservatives getting ready to roar?


Stick a fork in Meg Whitman.  She's done.  LA Times has begun spanking her on the Goldman Sachs,eBay Diva $$$, lawsuits, secret settlements..It's bad....buh bye!


High Speed Rail: A very expensive jobs program for Chinese and French in the US and we pay.  Get us off this train and fast. Porkulus alert.


Gov. Crist (the crap weasel) wants $35 M  from BP for an Oil Spill that Didn't Happen in Florida ...Live beach cam to sheen apparently caused by Crist self-tanning oil spill


Obama: How Dare you Disagree with ME


Why is the Left trying to hide Kagan's Lesbianism?  Dibs.


Facebook readers vote on Elena Kagan Look-Alikes

I continue the rightwing boomerang conspiracy to obsess about those who obsess about Kagan's sexytime ...exercising my 1st amendment rights while I still have them before confirmation.


Gruesome text and driving accident in UK is a TV commercial and documentary...Very it to your teenager's FB or myspace however.