Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Lots of California GOP Senate and Gov race stuff if you need...and dissing some Meeshhhh....


CA GOP-Senate Race: DeVore Surging, Fiorina Imploding 

Guess that Sarah Palin fist bump to Carly isn't workin' out so well....

You want poll numbers to prove Chuck is moving up??  Here they are.


#1 Reason why not to vote for Meg Whitman


That little $155 B Lie about Obamacare


Dell Hill: The money pit that is FreddieMac and FannieMae and Barney Frank's love interest


Dell Hill: Will Somebody Please Help Tennessee?


The controversial "birther" attorney is running against a carpetbagger-cum Republican who

has only voted once in his life for the GOP Secretary of State in that the best we can do?

.........uh, yes.


Arizona State Senator sets California straight about the wisdom of boycotting Arizona--badda bing!


Louis Farrakhan confirms suspicions that the left sees BHO as "the messiah."