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I sincerely apologize for my fixation in the past few weeks on California politics. I am living  and breathing it right now. Shortly, we'll be past the primary (June 8th) and I'll get back to the national scene.

Meanwhile, I laughed my butt off when Jane Jamison at the blog site Uncoverage wrote about Meg Whitman, the billionaire who is running for California Governor.

"...Bradley delicately offers the Over-Exposure Factor as Whitman’s mega-problem:


“Meg Whitman has been on the air for a very long time. If she survives this primary, she will be on the air seemingly forever. But the positive story that she and her advisors developed is exhausted and she is becoming a tiring presence.”


Let me put it a little less delicately.  I am Meg’s age and I can say this where others won’t.   Someone who looks like Meg Whitman should not be doing close-ups in television ads non-stop from January to June anywhere for any reason.  I wouldn’t and I am cuter than she ."


Janey just nailed it, I'm afraid.