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Reveille headlines


Sarah Palin alienates her Facebook nation by endorsing Carly Fiorina over the "real" conservative Chuck DeVore

Blowback, baby, Blowback


A prominent southern California rabbi explains Carly Fiorina's disturbing pro-Islamic, anti-Israel positions

This was a direct scrape from his letter posted at Red State...thanks guys...


Wee Wee: California High Speed Rail Hires Pricy French Guy to Manage Chinese


Retired general warns of Chemical Attacks on Israel


Nat'l Day of Prayer:  Jew-Murderer Welcome, American Christian--KEEP OUT


Update on the Cinco de Mayor, American flag kids kerfuffle in Morgan Hill...


Blood Money: The Movie on Planned Parenthood:

Pro CHoicers don't want you to have the choice to see it



3rd Navy SEAL NOT GUILTY!  Justice is done, but why did this happen?



Scary new video posted by Larry of the San Francisco immigration rally....very intimidating

Update: Obama-nation billboards now in 9 states