Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Boycott California, Buy Arizona and Here's How....

Tell California progressives to pay attention to the problems at home...ahem.



The Half Million Dollar Deputy Police Chief and other San Francisco Fat Cats..

ahhhh overbloated city salaries....the gifts that keep on taking.


Obama sends goose-steppers in riot gear to a peaceful Tea Party protest.



Retired US Military Oppose Obama Israel Policy


"Sleepy" Napolitano says everything in Arizona is under controlllllllllllllllllll................



BIG difference between how the MSM covered a La Raza/SEIU  immigration rally in SF and what the tea party heard.

We've got the video......and it's pretty scary.



Protect OUR rights FIRST



Hip Hop Republicans Deny Tea Party Racism


Ahhh the attention to detail in the MSM.....



Blogs and headlines.. from your infidel