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See that really cool graphic design to the right side of the page? My pal Chuck DeVore fiercing guarding our constitution? Well, the DeVore campaign is using that Hollywood inspired iconic image on a billboard across California, and asking folks to donate $100 to put up as many as possible in the busy corriders of commerce around the Golden State.

 The billboards, most of them 48 feet wide, begin their run on Monday in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties, as well throughout the Central Valley.


Billboard locations can be viewed at the DeVore for California website:


The object is to retire Senator Boxer.  Everyone knows what a tough campaigner she is, so they set out from the start to innovate, to blaze a new path to victory.


 Assemblyman Chuck DeVore said, "Our campaign has won awards for innovation in social networking and for the first-ever statewide candidate iPhone app. This stunning billboard image is a continuation of that effort."


The billboards were the brainchild of two of DeVores conservative Hollywood supporters, with DeVores 18-year-old daughter completing the layout and artwork.  They feature Mr. DeVore standing, with arms crossed in front of an image of the Constitution with the words from the oath of office, Support and Defend, along with and U.S. Senate.  The campaign said the objective was to create a buzz among Californians concerned about their lawmakers viewing adherence to the Constitution as unimportant.


Stephen K. Bannon, writer/director of "Generation Zero" and one of the Hollywood conservatives who conceived this effort, said, "The concept of placing Chuck Devore in front of the Constitution was a natural. Chuck's entire career has been about service to country and defense of our basic freedoms. Chuck Devore's public life is inextricably linked to his defense of our Constitution. We are glad to represent a growing section of the creative community that actively supports Chuck Devore's candidacy for the Republican nomination for United States Senate."


 A recent poll commissioned by Capitol Weekly showed DeVores support starting to surge at 14.5 percent of likely Republican primary voters, only 2.6 percent behind Carly Fiorina and 16.1 percent behind Tom Campbell.  At least $1.8 million of issue advocacy and independent expenditure ads have recently launched to educate voters about Campbells support for massive tax increases and other liberal positions.


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