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President Barack Obama says that he is "amused" by the Tea Party movement in this country ....but it's no laughing matter anymore.

Look at the Pew Poll posted at and intrepret the results for yourself.


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Posted By:GaGardener, 4/19/2010 7:15:45 AM


WASHINGTON -- Already wary of the federal government, Americans have grown even more critical, less trusting and even fearful of Uncle Sam since President Barack Obama took office, according to an exhaustive new study being released Monday. The in-depth poll found Americans not only rejecting the idea of an activist government, but a growing number urging its power be curtailed. (Snip) "By almost every conceivable measure, Americans are less positive and more critical of government these days," said the report from the nonpartisan Pew

 And what is the 20 percent of the population doing while the rest of us are working to take our government back?

Answer: Staging Fake Tea Parties.