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Afraid of a Little Free Speech? Anti-War Groups Think Only They Should Have a Voice

Peace Activists Plead With Police to Arrest Mother of a Hero

By Move America Forward Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hood River, OR. – Move America Forward has been contacted by local police in Hood River and informed that a woman named Susan Crowley went to the Hood River police today and pleaded with them to arrest Debbie Lee immediately, for inciting a riot. Susan Crowley who is a member of ‘Columbia River For Peace’ the group organizing that anti-military ‘conference’ is described on their website as a former attorney and the person who initiated the protest against Insitu.

“I’m not the one they have to worry about,” said Debbie Lee, the mother of a hero, Marc Alan Lee the first Navy SEAL to be killed in the war in Iraq. “There has never been any sort of violence initiated by our side at a rally I’ve spoken at or organized by Move America Forward,” she continued, “Cindy, on the other hand, has been arrested more than a dozen times, she’s been banned from the White House and whole cities, I’ve never been arrested. I think Cindy is afraid of a little dissenting opinion and she has to be afraid that our crowd of patriots is going to be a lot bigger than her little crowd of antagonists.”

But they picked on the wrong Mama.

Debbie Lee doesn't back down from CodePink or anyone in defense of our country.