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Obama "Amused" by Tea Party protests (h/t

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President Barack Obama struck a hyperpartisan note Thursday, telling Democrats that he was "amused" by the Tax Day Tea Party rallies. Obama, addressing a Democratic National Committee (DNC) fundraiser in Miami, did little to endear himself to the Tea Party groups protesting around the country, saying "they should be saying thank you" because of the tax cuts he has signed into law. The president went as far as to say that this week's special election in Florida, which was won by Democrat Ted Deutch, was portrayed by Republicans as "a referendum on healthcare, a referendum on the stimulus."

Byron York - Who wins in 2010? Good luck reading tea leaves

Matthew Beach is the type of tea party voter political strategists of all stripes have a hard time understanding. Beach got off Wednesday afternoon from his job working on helicopters at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Ala., and along with his wife, Jessie, got in his 1999 GMC pickup to drive overnight to Washington, where he arrived in time for Thursday's lunch-hour Tax Day at Freedom Plaza.

Before he left home, Beach hand-lettered a sign for the event. It read: DISAPPOINT THE GOVERNMENT: BE RESPONSIBLE, SELF-RELIANT AND KIND.

J.P. Freire - Scenes from today's tax day tea party protest in Washington - Part I

I'll have a more comprehensive write-up of some of the things I saw at the protest today, but here are some highlights.

David Freddoso - White House trying to scale back Obama's pledge on taxes

During his election campaign, President Obama made a very clear and unambiguous promise: If your family makes less than $250,000 per year, then none of your taxes will be increased -- period.

But in order to gloss over the tax increases contained in Obamacare -- on the sick, the uninsured, and durable medical equipment -- President Obama is trying to alter that pledge in the middle of his term