Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

You gotta check out this dude, dudes and dudettes.

Jesse Kelly, military veteran, running for Congress in Arizona.

He needs our help!

Jesse Kelly, candidate for Congress in Arizona’s 8th District, led a squad of the first Marines into Baghdad in Operation Iraqi Freedom. In true Marine fashion, he was among the first in the nation to challenge Obama and the radical liberals in Washington by announcing his candidacy for Congress in April 2009.

A businessman, husband, father of one (and another on the way), Jesse entered the race as a non-politician, private citizen, in order to defend freedom. In the past year, he has gained national attention, leading a movement of Warriors fighting for limited government, fiscal sanity and free market solutions. It's that Marine attitude…the will take this country back from the brink of socialism...that has led him to the successes he has had in the past year.  


Jesse's district is one that was held by a Republican for 22 years (Jim Kolbe) before retiring in 2006. That year, the seat went to Gabrielle Giffords, a self-proclaimed Blue-Dog Democrat, who has since voted for Obamacare, Stimulus, the Bailouts, Cap and Trade and the out of control Pelosi Budget. In a district that registers 13,000 more Republicans than Democrats, the seat is being eyed by experts as a "toss up," ripe for a pick-up by the GOP. Jesse's campaign is an excellent mix of grass roots and money, having raised over $375 thousand dollars, while directly contacting over 18,000 voters in daily door-to-door walking parties.


Jesse faces a primary challenge by the establishment-moderate wing of the Party, in former state Senator and former lobbyist, Jonathan Paton, who only entered the race around the time of Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts. Paton, who was in his time in the state legislature, named a "Friend of Big Government" by American's for Prosperity has voted for then Governor and Now Big Sis, Janet Napolitano's budgets that bankrupted the State of Arizona. Furthermore, he has voted against tort reform, he has voted against school vouchers, and he has flip-flopped on the no tax pledge, vocally coming out against it in 2009, but later signing it in 2010. Paton has a lot of money, being funded by the establishment moderates in the state, but he is facing a large backlash by those who see a clear choice between he and the conservative, Jesse Kelly in southern Arizona


Jesse, on the other-hand is the clear conservative choice in AZ-8. Jesse has been endorsed by Mark Levin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Mike Pence, along with other conservative state and national leaders. He has surrounded himself with local business professionals, free market economists and physicians in order to craft the best possible policies for our nation. 


The future of the Republican party and the future of the balance of the House of Representatives can all come down to Arizona's 8th District. That is why Jesse Kelly needs the help of conservatives from around the nation!