Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

UPDATE: Join me on the Barbara Simpson Show on 560 KSFO Radio at 4:30 this afternoon to discuss Warriors for Congress, and the virtual Town Hall that we are participating in for Chuck DeVore, the Warrior for Senate. That broadcast takes place Monday at 7:00 p.m. Go to for more details!

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We're on the ground and we're taking it back - the country, that is.

Folks, I have been involved in the conservative movement for over 17 years, and I can tell you that I have never been more excited than I am at this moment.

I am proud to announce that as of tonight, I have launched a Political Action Committee (PAC) called WarriorsforCongress.

My partner Catherine Moy and I are going to use all of our expertise, contacts, passion and experience to take the Tea Party energy that is moving across the land to the next level.

It's not enough to be angry anymore. We have to funnel our pride in our country and disdain for the liberals into electing men and women who can lead us out of the political morass that is ruining America.

Cat and I have selected 8 individuals who are war veterans - serving either in Iraq, Afghanistan or other global conflicts - and we are trying to raise money for them to win their election contests this June and then hopefully, into the November election.

Using our experience in the pro-troop community, we are here to give a voice to the true patriots of this country. These heroes don't hve money, don't have a voice, and have already given their hearts, minds and bodies - we have to give back to them!

I need your help.

I am asking for you to do three things: 1) go to our website  (the website goes live at 6:05 PDT)

2) sign-in and get our free newsletter and

3) contribute to these races.

Okay, here's the fourth thing we need you to do - VOTE.

Read all about the candidates we have selected. They are the leadership we crave. They have already sacrificed for our country and they are ready to take us where we need to be to revive our conservative principles.

Our United States military men and women are the best trained, most dedicated, and people of the highest character. Let's reward them with our trust on election day.

Tonight, I'll be explaining all of this on KMBZ radio in Kansas City, Missouri at 8:05 CDT.

Tune in to Darla Jaye's show. Next week, I'll be live on Brian Sussman's show on KSFO in San Francisco, 560 AM, and then Sean Hannity later in the week plus Dennis Miller, as well as other programs that I'll alert you to.

Get us started right now by checking out and make a donation if you can. $5.00 or $2300 (the maximum allowed under law) will go to help these strong young men and women (check out the gorgeous Katherine Jenerette, Army reservist) who need our support.

Thank you so much!

Mel Morgan