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I'm not the only one publicly speculating about Hillary's wife Bill and what a co-Presidency might look like a second time around.

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Bill’s been told: no more embarrassments

What's going on with the old Horndog-in-Chief? There hasn't been a whiff of scandal for months. Bill Clinton's friendship with Canada's 'blonde bombshell' MP Belinda Stronach is over, although nobody is sure what it was in the first place.

They looked hot a year ago, with the charisma of power, but Belinda has since quit Canadian politics to return to the family firm selling car parts to Detroit, and is having an affair with a 'tough guy' from the Maple Leafs ice hockey team.

The only other name to surface is that of Demi Moore, the Hollywood star best known for posing naked twice on the cover of Vanity Fair. And all that erupted then was a complaint from Moore's toy-boy husband, Ashton Kutcher, that Clinton ignored him and "was hitting on my wife" right through a Hollywood dinner. No stains on little

Clinton must have been ordered to keep it zipped, argues charles laurence

black dresses here. This is a serious issue. The fates of nations hinge on it. Hillary Clinton is the front-runner for the White House in next year's election. If Bill gets caught with someone other than his wife in the next 18 months, the damage potential is incalculable.

But there has been not even a hint of tumescence. Could Clinton be getting away with it in so ruthless an age of kiss-tell-get-rich-and-famous? How could he trust anyone?

It may be, of course, that Clinton is simply living like a monk, except perhaps during those average two nights a week that he and Hillary coincide at the same address, normally Chappaqua in the New York suburbs.

But Clinton spends a lot of time with his Californian supermarket-billionaire buddy Ron Burkle, sharing his executive jet and travelling the world. Burkle, divorced, has a second mansion in the Hollywood Hills just for entertaining and loves building bridges between celebrity, money and power. Is there a Peter Lawford, the Rat Pack star married to a Kennedy who introduced JFK to Marilyn Monroe?

Clinton did have premature heart failure and by-pass surgery, so perhaps the fabled needs have quelled. Has abandoning the burgers and doughnuts diet done the trick?

R. Emmett Tyrell, editor of the American Spectator in which the 'Clinton Hater' investigators exposed the couplings with Jennifer Flowers, Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky, insists otherwise.

The truth, he claims in his new book The Clinton Crack-Up, is that Hillary and Bill have a "typical European playboy's marriage" in which Bill is "the mischief maker" and Hillary "the bossy mother figure."

"The Clinton campaign lives in fear

Bill is the mischief maker, Hillary the bossy mother in this playboy-style marriage

of a problem from the bimbos he's been picking up in retirement," says Tyrell. "Hillary has a constant patrol of informants on his tail. She has made a deal with him: next time he makes headlines with his amours, its splitzville, or worse."

Even the sedate New York Times makes roughly the same point, quoting presidential historian Douglas Brinkley: "With Hillary's campaign you essentially have two candidates - her and him - and he's going to have to have a Boy Scout report card given his history."

Hillary has promised that Bill will be her Ambassador to the World, and to millions of American voters and even more millions abroad, she hit the mark when she added: "And I couldn't ask for a better one."

Half the point of voting for Hillary is to get the other half back. The trick is going to be keeping whatever goes on in private, private.