Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Lee Rodgers is endorsing a candidate in the U.S. Senate race. For the first time, like, EVER.

Is it Carly? Is it Tom? Is it Chuck?

The answer coming up right after this commerical message (just kidding.)


     Even in blue-state California, uber-liberal Senator Barbara Boxer ("Call me Senator, not ma'am," she lectured a U.S. military officer) has an unpopularity rating that would indicate a vulnerability to a Republican challenger.
      The question is which challenger.  
      Carly Fiorina has a background in the big-time corporate world and a bulging campaign war-chest.
      Chuck DeVore brings a record of principled conservatism in the state legislature.
       Has the prototype for this sort of match-up been seen before?  Let us recall State Sen. (now congressman) Tom McClintock versus Arnold Schwarzenegger in the race to replace Gov. Gray Davis. The battle cry of the Republican moderates was, "Only a moderate like Arnold can win."
       Win he did. And what did Republican party actually win? A RINO who sold out on virtually every principle for which he and his party ostensibly stand, including fiscal responsibility.  One need only look at the financial ruin that is California today to recognize that Arnold makes Gray Davis look like Calvin Coolidge, by comparison.
        This is not to say that Carly Fiorina would follow the time-dishonored path of other RINOs.  But a surer bet not to be another John McCain in the Senate is Chuck DeVore.  
         DeVore's military background is as intelligence officer. That commodity has been seriously lacking in the GOP.