Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

The people who 'support our military, but not the mission' have a HUGE P.R. problem.

Jon Soltz

 Jon Soltz, the radical activist soldier whom I debated on national television, (I was subsequently BANNED from PBS as a result) has now censored another soldier who supports the surge and the Iraqi people at the nutroots convention this weekend.

The Lib's say they support Freedom of Speech.

Um Hmm.

Courtesy Pajamas Media

Soldier Censored at Kos Convention

video Fireworks broke out at a Friday morning session of the second day of the YearlyKos Convention titled “The Military and Progressives: Are They Really That Different?”. An as yet unidentified uniformed soldier attempted to address the panel on the subject of the “Surge”. He was unceremoniously escorted out by panelist Jon Soltz.

The soldier’s words were either suppressed or inaudible on the convention’s own video. They can be heard here on this exclusive PJM Video by Andrew Marcus, who also interviews the soldier and tries to interview Soltz.


{ED.note} Jon Soltz and I went toe-to-toe on PBS.

After that appearance, I was banned from the program.

Guess liberals can't handle the truth when they hear it.

 hear the broadcast click here. has a posting from Daily Kos, the hypocrites of the blogosphere, on the squealing over anti-war vets who wore uniforms during a protest in Kansas City, Missouri.

Marines investigates Iraq vet for wearing cammos at protest

Sat Jun 02, 2007 at 11:31:51 AM PDT


The nation's largest combat veterans group on Friday urged the military to "exercise a little common sense" and call off its investigation of a group of Iraq war veterans who wore their uniforms during anti-war protests.

"Trying to hush up and punish fellow Americans for exercising the same democratic right we're trying to instill in Iraq is not what we're all about," said Gary Kurpius, national commander of the 2.4 million-member Veterans of Foreign Wars.

"Someone in the Marine Corps needs to exercise a little common sense and put an end to this matter before it turns into a circus," Kurpius said.

Marine Cpl. Adam Kokesh had already received an honorable discharge from active duty before he was photographed in March wearing fatigues — with military insignia removed — during a mock patrol with other veterans protesting the Iraq war.

A military panel in Kansas City, Mo., will hold a hearing Monday to decide whether he should be should be discharged from service and, if so, with what type of discharge.

Col. Dave Lapan, a Marine Corps spokesman, said Kokesh is under administrative review because he wore his uniform at a political event, which is prohibited. And, Lapan said, when a senior officer told Kokesh that he violated military regulations, Kokesh used an obscenity and indicated he would not comply with the rules.

"It's the political activity that is prohibited, not the type of event that it was," Lapan said. "If it had been a pro-war rally, it would still have been a violation."

         Keep reading to see what one military experts says

I consulted my friend Lt. Colonel "Buzz" Patterson, USAF (Ret.) about the question of the young soldier in uniform who WAS CENSORED AND CASTIGATED by anti-war activist Jon Soltz (reserves) at the DailyKos convention this weekend.
"The way the UCMJ reads, if you are active duty, Guard or Reserves, you cannot use your military affiliation for political partisan use. Soltz was right in that the sergeant was there in uniform but the sergeant didn't expouse a political opinion, he asked a question about the surge. Huge difference. Secondly, Soltz is still a captain in the reserves and is prohibited from using his position politically, whether in uniform or not. Once you leave the service, or retire as I did, you become a private citizen again and can express opinions legally. Soltz is still an employee of the DOD and every bit as guilty as what he charged the sergeant with whether in uniform or not."