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Law Enforcement Prepares for Massive Tea Party Crowd Saturday in Nevada

Posted on | March 25, 2010 | 4 Comments

Hey folks, this is my last blog posting before I hit the road to Searchlight. Stacy McCain from The Other McCain has little jewel. (P.S. I just heard from a little birdie that Brian Williams of NBC News is shooting a story about the kick-off of the Tea Party Express.)

Did the news that I’m coming out West provoke this frenzy?

Whenever hundreds of vehicles and dozens of buses unload passengers in a town with fewer than 1,000 people, traffic is bound to be a problem. It’s magnified when few roads lead into town.
Welcome to the Tea Party Express stop in Searchlight.
The strategy of law enforcement officials and rally organizers for Saturday’s noon event is basically to ensure attendees arrive and depart safely and to alleviate as much chaos as possible in town.
State Department of Transportation spokesman Bob McKenzie said his agency’s primary concern is to keep traffic along U.S. Highway 95 moving smoothly. The rally site is a quarter-mile off the highway, potentially making it a logistical challenge to keep buses and vehicles from backing up at the side-road turnoff. . . .

All this, just for me? Or is it Andrea Shea King? Well, OK, there’s also Andrew Breitbart, Joe the Plumber, Wayne Allyn Root, Dick Armey, Roger Hedgecock, Melanie Morgan and a certain former governor of Alaska . . .