Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

This is perhaps the sickest antiwar advertisement I've seen in some time. Can you imagine troops getting blown up on video used to sell the radical left's global warming agenda? The clip's below, from the Soros-backed VoteVets. Note how the spot's running as a click-thru web-ad at Daily Kos, where it reads, "TELL CONGRESS TO DEFEND AMERICA BY PASSING CLEAN ENERGY CLIMATE LEGISLATION" and "OIL MONEY IS FUELING TERRORISTS AND FUNDING OUR ENEMIES" (screencaps here and here)

We send $1 billion a day in oil money overseas -- often to nations that don't like America very much. Some of that money ends up in the hands of terrorists and funds deadly attacks on American forces, like EFPs specially designed to piece our armor.

This is what our troops are up against, everyday ...

At the VoteVets entry we find a link to George Soros' Center for American Progress, "Quadrennial Defense Review Should Spark Interagency Climate Conversation."

Actually, VoteVets doesn't care a bit about Middle East oil dependency. Founder John Soltz has been in the news before. Melanie Morgan attacked him and VoteVets in 2007 for supporting al Qaeda in Iraq. See, " Scam Exposed," which links to this Wesley Clark ad:

The Stop Iran War website is still up.

Melanie eviscerated John Soltz in a 2007 PBS debate, saying that VoteVets advocacy was "shameful and really disrespectful to our troops":


... let me also say that I certainly would hope that the Democrats, if they’re planning their strategy meetings with people like Mr. Soltz and, others who are meeting daily in telephone conference calls, which we are not, by the way, on our side, that al-Qaida is listening to their results, as well ....

And by the way, please keep Melanie Morgan in your prayers. She's fighting the good fight against thyroid cancer. See, "I Ain't Dead Yet, Says the Cowgirl."