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It's a Breast Cancer Awareness event for men and women and I want to see you!

I am extending a personal invitation for all of you to join me at the Palace of Fine Arts at the end of the month.


Because my good friend Rosie Allen, formerly of KGO Radio and current member of the Board of Directors for “Friends of Faith” charity in the San Francisco Bay Area is working very diligently on a spectacular event planned for March 29th at 6:00 p.m.


It is a Breast Cancer Awareness event that features former Secretary of State Condi Rice (both being interviewed and performing the piano for us!).

I’ll be attending and I hope some or all of you can too! Buy tickets now! It’s a great cause that raises money for cancer victims and their financially stricken families who need our help and support.


With Love,

Mel (which also contains ticket info)


and Ticket info @: