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Lee emailed me this Sunday expressing astonishment at how many people have contacted him or read my postings here at this little ole website expressing their emotions about the changes at KSFO in San Fancisco.

And did you notice Walter E. Williams even posted in the comments section? The most handsome black man in the country (according to himself) and the thougtful economist who has been a frequent contributor to the Lee Rodgers show? That was nice.

Google Alerted me that another piece is out today in cyberspace from

Settle in for an interesting read.

Lee Rodgers

On Thursday, February 18, one minute before the conclusion of his four-hour morning radio show on KSFO in San Francisco, conservative talk show host Lee Rodgers was fired.   Rodgers was under contract until July, but it didn’t matter.  Rodgers wasn’t allowed to gracefully say good-bye to his listeners. The next day, KSFO evening host Brian Sussman had taken over the morning job. Rodgers’ 40-plus years of radio broadcasting career, is over, at least for now.

While it may sound like just another cupboard-clearing in the cut-throat broadcasting business, the undignified jettisoning of Lee Rodgers is troubling on many levels.

KSFO is a prickle in the liberal paw of the San Francisco bay area.  It is a highly-rated conservative news/talk format which has been proudly dealing the left fits, with Rodgers at the morning-drive helm, for decades.  Rodgers’ curmudgeonly mix of small-government, strong Israel, pro-military, anti-jihad, tax-cutting missives, and his interviews with conservative authors, columnists and newsmakers are not meaningfully available on any other station in this liberal California market.

Rodgers’ demise was heralded about a year ago, when his co-anchor Melanie Morgan, was abruptly fired in much the same fashion as Rodgers.  The morning radio partners are credited with initiating the statewide investigations into the use of cancer-causing MTBE gasoline additive, which leached into the state’s groundwater after it was trumpeted by liberal environmentalists as a way to reduce air pollution.  Rodgers and Morgan also launched the statewide petition drive to recall Governor Gray Davis from office. Ms. Morgan was a pro-military, anti-radical Islam activist who flew more than once to the troops in Iraq and personally confronted anti-military activists at protests in the Bay area.  Both hosts were under constant barrage by liberal bloggers. KSFO’s advertisers were pressured to withdraw.

Liberty lost important voices when Morgan and Rodgers were fired.

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