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Did you ever wonder if your number was up? I usually don't dwell on that question or anything even remotely like it. It's just not in my DNA to be anything other than optimistic and revel in a perpetual sense of denial about my own mortality.

Consequently, these past four months have been some of the most humbling, trippy, awesome and mind-blowing of my life, and that's before the drugs and alcohol. (Just kidding.)

For those of you who are paying attention ( and goodness knows why you are interested, but I'm grateful) I resigned my dream job in Washington, D.C. and jetted out of Dulles January 15th on a cross-country flight home to San Francisco. I rented out my house in Northern Virginia, and took my home off the market in Marin County.

When I got back to town, I marched my ass over to UCSF Hospital in San Francisco and proceeded with the poking and prodding and pricking that comes with a slew of medical test that you are scared to skip, and even more frightened to get answers to. 

I had an initial diagnosis (back in D.C.) of thyroid cancer. Some of my Doctors were afraid it was malignant. Others, not so sure.

But on Friday, I got the word that sent a wave of relief higher than the water in Half Moon Bay last week.

I am not going to die. At least, not yet.

So while I will be having some surgery for the six nodules (or tumors) on my neck in the future, I won't be worried about spreading cancer cells throughout my body.

I don't pretend to be a deep person with any special insight on the world around me, or even about myself. But I do know that the hand of God has caressed me and the prayers of thousands of people, my friends and family, but most of whom are strangers, assuredly had a great deal to do with my good fortune.  

My deepest gratitude to all of you who have written to me and taken time out of your life to assure me when things got a bit on the shaky side.

God Bless all of you.


p.s. I was about to take a gratituous shot at the liberals who wrote me with colorful death wishes - but screw it. I'm in a good mood and I don't want to wreck it :-)


Yippee Ki Yay!  I got some livin' to do! Maybe I'll get me one of those choppers like I saw on TV.

Or maybe I'll just eat an extra slice of chocolate cake. What will you do with your lease on life?