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Californians are like no other ...we are weird cats, that's for sure. Here's an item from the Chuck DeVore  (R) campaign to beat Senator Barbara Boxer. I hope that George Will is right about this one, but Carly Fiorina is looking pretty strong (right now)

George Will: Chuck DeVore will be the Republican Nominee

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- DeVore for California today reacted to the comment of distinguished political eminence George Will, on ABC's "This Week," that Chuck DeVore will be the Republican nominee to face Barbara Boxer.

Chuck DeVore said, "It's gratifying and humbling that a distinguished observer of American politics like George Will would predict the success of our campaign. Naturally I agree! But let me be clear: this is a victory we must fight hard for and earn in full. With the swelling support of the conservative grassroots across California and America, we will."

Leisa Brug Kline, DeVore for California campaign manager, said, "George Will is seeing what many sharp-eyed observers of California and national politics are seeing. The Republican Senate primary in this state is resolving into a contest between a longtime liberal, a moneyed dilettante, and a fighting conservative. In 2010, don't bet against the conservative -- Chuck DeVore."

You can watch the clip here: