Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Phew. That speech sucked. I mean really, really stunk. I watched the whole thing (sober, too!) and I could hardly keep my eyes open.


The Prez has this undeserved rep as a barn-burner orator. I sure didn't see any of that on display last night, and neither did his peeps.

There were a few eye-popping moments, though. President Obama came across as angry, and at times defensive, over the failure of healthcare reform. Mostly he sounded flat.

Nobody is talking about this aspect today, but I found it shocking that the President dressed down all the sitting members of the United States Supreme Court as they sat stone-faced in the front row.

UPDATE: Even New York Times liberal SCOTUS reporter Linda Greenhouse says that Obama was wrong.

That was unacceptable. One branch of the government exerting undue influence on another, and in front of millions of Americans, even as one Justice kinda calls out Obama on that score.

 One word comes to mind - hubris.