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The piling on by Mainstream Media is intensifying with reports that even conservatives are distancing themselves from Mr. O'Keefe and his young activist investigative friends.

I continue to advise folks that we haven't heard the facts of this story. And it is NOT going to resemble any version that the pundits and writers at Politico are reporting right now.

Andrew Breitbart at is closer to O'Keefe than anyone else, and his statements this morning reflect what I said out of the gate:

"For those in the mainstream media committed to report the false and libelous narrative of “Watergate Jr.,” “wiretapping” and “bugging,” I predict much egg on your J-school grad faces. In your rush to judgment to convict James O’Keefe and his companions, you vengeful political partisans of press forgot to ponder: “Was Mr. O’Keefe up to one of his patented and obvious clown nose-on hidden camera tricks, trying to make his subjects look foolish?” Blog commenters seem to be quicker on the uptake than six-figured Washington-based pundits these days. And I predict there will be tape to vindicate these four pranksters, too."

James O'Keefe, the young independant (conservative) film maker who exposed ACORN for the nuts, crooks and liars they are has himself been arrested in a felony phone tampering case.

But wait for the facts. Wait. I guarantee it will turn out to be a completely different story that is being written by the MSM.

Trust my instincts on this folks.

"...The independent filmmaker who brought ACORN to its knees last year with undercover exposes was arrested this week along with three others, including the son of a federal prosecutor, and accused of trying to interfere with the phones at Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu's office.

Federal officials did not say why the men wanted to interfere with Landrieu's phones or whether they were successful. She has been in the news recently because she negotiated an increase in Medicaid funds for her state before announcing her support for Senate health care legislation."