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What's the quickest way to tell a politican is in trouble? Answer: by counting how many times the term "fighting for you" or "fight" or any version of "fighting" is used in a speech.

It's the favorite poll tested word for help me! I'm in trouble with the voters! And I don't know what else to say or do! (bolded, italicized examples below are mine)

Elyria, Ohio (CNN) -- Offering his most extensive public comments about the election debacle in Massachusetts, President Obama acknowledged that he's taking some lumps but also trying to cast himself as a populist who will "never stop fighting" to bring health care reform and jobs to communities like this hard-hit manufacturing area outside Cleveland.

"Let me tell you, so long as I have the privilege of serving as your president, I'll never stop fighting for you," Obama said at the beginning of a town hall meeting with voters Friday. "I'll take my lumps, too. I'll never stop fighting to bring jobs back to Elyria. I'll never stop fighting for an economy where hard work is rewarded, where responsibility is honored, where accountability is upheld, where we're creating the jobs of tomorrow."

Obama said, "folks in Washington are in a little bit of a frenzy" over Republican Scott Brown's election to the seat held by the late Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Massachusetts, which has ended the president's 60-seat supermajority in the chamber. But the president vowed to keep battling for health care reform, even as he bluntly conceded that he's facing major roadblocks.

"Now, we've gotten pretty far down the road, but I have to admit, we've run into a bit of a buzzsaw along the way," Obama said. "The long process of getting things done runs headlong into the special interests, their armies of lobbyists and partisan politics aimed at exploiting fears instead of getting things done."

Obama added, "I am not going to walk away just because it's hard. We're going to keep on working to get this done with Democrats, Republicans, anyone who is willing to step up. Because I am not going to watch more people get crushed by costs or denied the care they need by insurance company bureaucrats or partisan politics or special-interest power in Washington."

Did you notice how many times the President also blamed "special interests"? Another trick by a politico in trouble.

And make no mistake, Obama is in plenty of trouble.