Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

The Bay State bombshell election of Scott Brown is easily explained by leveling lies at people like me..and why not? It's so much easier than looking at reality, a practice well-honed by Democrats, especially the Liberals on the national stage.

Yup, the lefties are in an uproar, lying, blaming, denying, whining about me and other conservatives for stopping the Democrat Monarchists from assuming the throne in Massachusetts.

It's. So. Sad.


"...Consider the following: Brown’s biggest supporters came primarily from ultraconservative national entities:

• Our Country Deserves Better, who are heavily aligned with The Tea Party Patriots.

• National Republican Trust PAC, who’s mission is to “stop Obama’s radical agenda,” whose choice to picture Obama in sun glasses(!) on their home page says it all, and whose cause is so blatant that contributions to it are not tax deductible.

• Move America Forward - a “pro-war lobby” not-for-profit whose chairman, Melanie Morgan, suggested in 2006 that Bill Keller, NY Times editor, be “killed in a ‘gas chamber’ for alleged ‘treason’ after reporting on the US government’s “spying on Americans.” ("

 As usual, the liars on the Left are completely distorting my comments for political gain. It's old hat for the Alinskyites.

I fervantly hope they keep repeating this kind of crap. I really pray they stay in a state of denial that destroys every electoral gain from 2008.

What...a bunch of dopes.