Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Many thanks to Pundit&Pundette, NRO Online,  and especially my pal Rush Limbaugh for cross-posting my interview on America's Morning News with former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton yesterday in which he strenously advocated that New York is NOT safe when KSM and his four co-conspirators are brought to trial for masterminding the World Trade Tower murders.

John Bolton doesn't want his family in NYC during the trial and sees this decision as more proof of the Obama administration's ineptitude and lack of commitment to fighting terrorism:

Host Melanie Morgan: Given the nature and danger of bringing these terrorists to American soil, where do you think is the most safe place to be when they get here and this trial begins? Where would you put your family?

John Bolton: Well, not New York City, I'm afraid to say. This is part of the callousness and the really, lack of professionalism and judgment to put them on trial anywhere in the United States in civilian courts. It's a major strategic blunder. It will give Khalid Sheik Mohammad and his co-defendants an opportunity, a la Joseph Stalin, to put on their own show trial in New York. This time it won't be the prosecution conducting the show trial, it will be the defense. Again, it shows the administration is not serious about the war on terrorism. It's a pre-9/11 law enforcement paradigm rather than the paradigm of a global war on terrorism which I think the Bush administration correctly adopted with near-unanimous support in this country after 9/11.