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Kristinn Taylor from demanded a list of the links cited in O'Reilly's report on 'hate speech' from Freepers. Mr. O'Reilly's producers provided just two, which turned out to be quoted badly out of context and the most heinous of the allegations they provided no documentation at all. O'Reilly owes FreeRepublic an apology. 

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Bill O'Reilly Bill O’Reilly’s been making waves the past few weeks by focusing on the prevalance of ‘hateful’ content at the liberal website, Daily Kos.  O’Reilly is particularly disturbed to see Democratic presidential candidates agreeing to speak at the annual YearlyKos convention that will take place August 2nd through 5th.

To show balance in his reporting, O’Reilly has unfortunately chosen to target the good people who visit the conservative website,  Last night O’Reilly had on his show a friend of mine, Kristinn Taylor, who is a spokesperson for Free Republic, to defend the website from O’Reilly’s criticisms.

To his credit, O’Reilly noted that the amount of controversial content at FreeRepublic pales in comparison to that which appears on a near-daily basis at DailyKos.


As someone who visits FreeRepublic each day, and as someone who has contributed to the website’s fundraising drives, I feel compelled to speak out in defense of FreeRepublic from the critical comments made by O’Reilly. was launched in the infancy of the Internet, serving as a source for the sharing of news stories from around the world, and the chance to have an open dialogue on these stories.  Soon thereafter, FReepers (as they are known), used the website to also organize grass roots efforts to allow patriotic Americans to mobilize efforts to make their voices heard in the public square.

As the Chairman of Move America Forward, the nation’s largest pro-troop organization, I’ve seen the impact that such efforts have had.  Thousands upon thousands of proud, decent Americans who love their country have become informed of Move America Forward’s countless pro-troop rallies, care package shipments and calls for help to assist the heroic men and women of the United States military thanks to Free Republic.

To equate these decent and noble efforts with those of a website like DailyKos, which routinely denounces the U.S. military and the foundations of liberty that this nation cherishes, is dishonest and unfair.

I won’t stand for that, and I urge all the members and supporters of Move America Forward to show solidarity with the great Americans who participate at FreeRepublic forums. 



This September FReepers will once again use the FreeRepublic website to organize public displays of support for our troops and their missions in the War on Terror.  This is the kind of good work these people do each and every day, and that deserves the respect and support from all of us who cherish this country and the leadership our nation provides in fighting the forces of tyranny and terrorism.