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My friend Martha Zoeller has surveyed the landscape and weighed in on David Letterman - and we are completely in tune on this's a snippet of her column at

NOW and David Letterman: Where’s the Outrage?

by Martha Zoller (more by this author)

Posted 10/07/2009 ET


"So, how was your weekend?" Steve Martin to David Letterman on Monday’s program

On Thursday’s Letterman Show, David Letterman admitted to sexual relationships he had with female staffers over the years. The revelation came after the arrest of a CBS producer who had been blackmailing Letterman over his sexual predation of women who had been working for him. 

This goes beyond sexual harassment.  Letterman is a predator, and for that he should be fired by CBS.  

I continue to be amazed at the lack of action by the so-called “women’s groups,” most notably the National Organization for Women.  NOW admonished Letterman several days after the “slutty stewardess” remark he made about Sarah Palin and his raunchy comments about Palin’s daughter way back in June.  They came around to his point of view dazzled by his celebrity. 

Now they are entirely silent about Letterman’s abuse of his power and position with women that worked for him. Letterman’s case, by his own admission, is at very least guilty of sexual harassment. Heck, he works for CBS, which has a policy of making employees sit down and watch a video on what sexual harassment is…I’m pretty sure sex with staffers was on the list of don’ts. But it was just sex, so he’ll probably get a pass from CBS.