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Am I the only one who finds it more than odd that President Obama is flying to Denmark on Friday with his First Lady to lobby the International Olympic Committee for the summer Olympic games in 2016 to be held in Chicago?


A US President lobbying the IOC for the Olympic games????  It's NEVER happened before.


Yet, this President apparently has nothing more important going on in his life, his country or the world -- he's going to lobby for the 2016 games in Chicago.  Not the US economy, not unemployment, not Iran or North Korea, not even healthcare. There's no time for him to consider General McChrystol's memo begging for more troops and resources for Afghanistan.  None of these is important enough to keep him at his desk, as it were.  There's something more pressing -- and it takes him and the First Lady to Denmark. 


What's that expression: Something smelly in Denmark?  And it ain't the cheese.


One only has to dig a little to find out the motivation.  As it happens, I've just started Michelle Malkin's new book, Culture of Corruption.  (Full bibiliographic citations found in Michelle Malkin's book in "Notes" Section.)  On pages 48-52 she details the relationship Michelle Obama developed with Valerie Jarrett, the great niece of Vernon Jordan, the black mover and shaker who has been one of the upper-crust elites and extremely active and influential through Presidential administrations since Jimmy Carter.


As it turns out Ms. Jarrett, an extremely close friend of the Obamas and the one who fostered Michelle Obama's various career moves is a Democrat activist and real estate mogul in Chicago who has "... always been the other side of Barack's brain," (as quoted from the Chicago Tribune, September 20, 2007) and "Barack's rock" (Time, "Valerie Jarrett" November 11, 2008).  President Obama affirmed his relationship with Jarrett by being quoted as saying, "I trust her completely," (Chicago Tribune, "Insider has Obama's ear:  What's she telling him?" July 27, 2008).


Why does this matter?  Stay with me on this.


Ms. Jarrett was Executive Vice President of the Habitat Company for 12 years.  The Habitat Company is a real estate company that develops, owns and partners with the Federal government to manage Federal low-income housing projects in Chicago.  On January 31, 2007 Ms. Jarrett became President and CEO of Habitat Company.  One of the properties Habitat oversaw is Grove Parc Plaza, a Section-8 apartment complex that in 2006 was graded 11 on a scale of 100 by federal inspectors.  It was so bad that today the complex is facing demolition because it is uninhabitable.


What does this have to do with Obama going to Denmark?  The property where Grove Parc Plaza (which is slated for demolition) sits is "in the shadows of proposed site of [Chicago's] 2016 Olympics Stadium."


And guess what?!?!  "Valerie Jarrett is Vice Chair of Chicago's Olympics Committee!"


Cronyism at it's best....  So much for Hope and Change.