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Well, it appears my sources were wrong about BoBo, the First Dog attending obedience school in Old Towne, Alexandria. Sandy Meijas, the owner of the dog training school, posted her correction on my site.

I apologize for the error, especially if I caused Bo any embarassment! Still checking further to see what's up.


Would it surprise you to learn that the most popular member of the Obama family is receiving royal treatment at taxpayer expense?

Speak up, I can't heeeeeeeeeear you!

Animal activists, who were growling over the fact that President Obama refused to adopt from a rescue shelter, will be pleased to hear that the presidential pooch is quite pampered - at taxpayer expense.

Two sources have told me that  Bo, the Portuguese water dog that President and Mrs. Obama adopted,  is being shuttled to Alexandria, Virginia from the White House regularly for obedience training.

One of my impeccably accurate sources is my co-host John McCaslin,  a native Alexandria resident - who is mobbed by his millions of friends and fans every time he ventures into public.

But, I digress.

From the looks of things, BoBo doesn't need any obedience training. It looks to me like he's got the President pretty well under control.