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An estimated 4500 buses were permitted to come into DC to drop off their Tea Partiers. Do the math: 55 passengers per bus. And that's just the buses.

[Photo courtesy of Don Surber]


Update: Rep. Bill Posey via Blackberry, Washington DC, 2:30 p.m. ET

"People continue to arrive despite access roads being closed to traffic - they must have walked for miles. Just announced 1.5 million people are here. Electrifying! Crowd just as enthusiastic as the moment it started. What a cross section of America. Every age and description you could possibly imagine."

Florida's 15th Dist. Representative Bill Posey

Rep. Bill Posey just Blackberried me a picture of himself posing in front of the crowd from the veranda of the Capitol Building. He took these (above) just moments ago.

DC Police report more people on Capitol Hill now than on BO's Inauguration Day.

[Reflecting Pond photos courtesy of Looking at the Left]

"These people are tired of being lectured to; they want to be listened to"
- Sen. Jim DeMint

On site Twitterers tweeting so fast, tweets coming in by the hundreds in mere minutes. Hard to keep up!

Tweet: "9-12 March on Washington 2009 - the anti-Woodstock!"

Tweet: "Shouldn't this be called the Million Patriot March?"

New DC police estimate reported: 1.2 million

Tweet: Sign: 'He had a dream (picture of MLK) and We got a nightmare (picture of Obama)' "

Marcher: "We are not going to let them ram Socialism down our throats. We own this country."

At 12:43 p.m. ET - no mention of March on Drudge Report. Hello? Someone wake up Drudge!

Kristinn Taylor of Free Republic is on site calling in from DC.

"The crowd has filled out from the West Lawn of the Capitol to 3rd Street, including the side panels. With the overflow spilling onto the Mall between 3rd and 4th streets. People are still marching down Pennsylvania Avenue. Easily in the hundreds of thousands."

Tweet: "To all of the people making a statement in DC today . . YOU ARE THE CHANGE I CAN BELIEVE IN!!!"

[Photo courtesy of Looking at the Left]

Glenn Beck live on Fox, interviewing reporter Griff Jenkins who's in the midst of the crowd. Colors: lots of bright yellows, red, whites, and blues! Music in background -- singing National Anthem "America, America, God shed his grace on thee..."

Photo below taken by Charlie Barnes of Titusville FL, whose wife Brenda sent it with the message that he's pumped for this rally!

"He said the place is full of hundreds of thousands of people! Come on everyone, let’s take our country back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Obama gets the hell out of Dodge. Heads instead for Minnesota. Cowardly behavior. Should have been addressing crowd and facing the music.

Rep. Bill Posey (R-FL, Dist. 15) just Blackberried me the following from his perch at the US Capitol:

"I am on the veranda in front of the capitol. It is an awesome crowd and don't know if you can hear on TV but their "roar" is deafening in positive response to the speakers!!!!"

T-Shirt seen at DC rally: "Joe Wilson for Truth Czar"

Tweet: "If you are in DC today . . . you can proudly say "YES WE DID!"

Senators Jim DeMint and Mike Pence being interviewed on Fox by Glenn Beck. Only two brave enough to come out? DeMint says he's lots more comfortable in this crowd than the one inside the Capitol. Pence says this crowd looks like the Cavalry has arrived.

Glenn Beck: "I wish I could be in DC, but I'm watching my fellow Americans with a renewed fire and sense of pride that I'm not alone!"

Glenn tells Pence and DeMint he got a call from a very high-level nationally-known Democrat who told him that there are Dems who are paralyzed because if they buck the Left, the machine will crush them.

(Our best guess is the machine comprises the Obama Admin, the media, ACORN, special interests, lobbyists and some Republicans. You will be smooshed, just like they're doing to Joe Wilson.)

Glenn now interviewing Andrew Breitbart who is at Tea Party Rally in Quincy, Ill. where crowds are gathering. Andrew will be a speaker. Says he wanted to come to heartland of America to tell LA and NY that this "Blue state mentality dividing us is ridiculous. The media foments this, and to put on Red State Americans that they're somehow bad, is adding up."

Andrew premiered his new website Big Government earlier this week with the ACORN expose that rocked the Obama Administration and resulted in the Census Bureau Director pulling the plug on ACORN's involvement in taking the 2010 census.

Democrat strategist Pat Cadell on with Glenn Beck says the political parties have eviscerated the country... "People have no idea of the machinery, the Leviathans that will crush the squeaky wheel," like Joe Wilson or Sarah Palin, or Michelle Bachmann, or Bill Posey.

Checked Drudge Report at 2:00 pm ET... nothing yet on his page about this historic event. So much for Drudge... (roll over and keep sleeping, Matt)

Glenn Beck says he believes America is about to be restored. More on that to come.

Twitter: "Expressways shut down. Still dumping bus loads into the city. Trains still backed up."

Twitter: "March stretched all the way from freedom plaza to capital. It was packed."

Kristinn Taylor of Free Republic has just called in with a report. He says several people say they've heard numbers of up to 1.2 million. "There's a lot of people here". Taylor says he doesn't agree with that number -- he says "several hundred thousand is closer to what I can see. It's cloudy, no rain, and moderate temps. A great day for people to spend all day outdoors. People from all ages, lots of young people too, wearing outfits they've made for the occasion. And people who brought signs -- 99.9% are home made." Kristinn adds that it's really peaceful.

After the event, Kristinn said the numbers were higher than he originally estimated. He also noted that he's never before seen two and a half hours' worth of people eight lanes across, pouring into the city. While being interviewed by CNN, Kristinn observed that "this was the largest gathering of fiscal conservatives in Washington since Ronald Reagan's inauguration in 1981."

Glenn Beck says he was reading Thomas Jefferson and noted that 56 people signed the Declaration of Independence. "We need to find 56 brave men or women in Washington to step up take the place of the original signers and do the same.

"Quarantine Washington. This is a disease that has infected our government.

"We need to talk about the Constitution. A message to Congress: If you will come forward and admit your sins, you'll have more people backing you up than you can believe, to save the nation."

Glenn's giving them an out. He says we the people are angry with them, and on the other side, the machine will crush them. They're caught in the middle and paralyzed.

"So we will support you. You might have to pay for what you've done, but we will support you. Don't talk to me about the health care reform. This is about the Constitution. The rest is just noise. We are giving the men and women in Congress a chance to redeem themselves and our country. We need to refound our country, not transform it."

ABC news reporting 1.5 million people. Twitters report people still streaming from subways.

Finally, Drudge wakes up... yawn... gets numbers wrong.

Kristinn Taylor just calling in from DC says that parade marshals say the march to the capitol was a steady flow of people across all eight lanes of Pennsylvania Avenue for two and a half hours.

Also they were told that police were turning away Tea Party buses from going into the city because there were already too many people. Reported that there were problems with crowds clogging the Metro stations.

"Earlier before the march started, some of the cops were being arrogant with them, but as soon as the cops saw the numbers of people coming down the street, they calmed down." Nothing like a wave of happy sign-carrying mobs to intimidate?

Glenn Beck saying power is going to shift in Washington, DC. He's signed off but we're staying with you right here, with live reports from Congressman Bill Posey, Free Republic media spokesman Kristinn Taylor and tweets FROM THE PEOPLE!

From a post at Free Republic Live Thread:

This is historic! Americans taking our country back. Bill Green on stage now says "It's the Constitution, stupid!" YEAH!!!

Americans signing the renewed Constitution. We The People!!!
“The Constitution; the OTHER document they never read”

Rep. Bill Posey via Blackberry from Washington DC 3:45 p.m. ET
"I was wondering why the crowd spewed over the sides of the mall for blocks (could be miles for all I know)... Security just told it is because they could not get a permit for the western part! Were told someone already had taken it, but except for a tent no one is occupying."

Follow the event on C-Span and Free Republic Live Thread. C-Span 2 to replay entire March on Washington on Monday night at 8 ET. Event about to wrap up.

"President Obama had better watch out because we are all community organizers!"

From the US Capitol American Tea Party March on Washington:


God Bless America!