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Obama supporters who file reports to the White House on so-called "fishy" health care plan protestors is probably illegal, critics are saying this weekend.

While Democrats say they are just trying to get out "the truth", others are moving to stop the efforts.

"...The White House said it wanted to be made aware of "fishy" comments about its health care plan because it wants to set the record straight. But critics called White House move an Orwellian tactic designed to control the health care debate.

"This is a very troubling attempt to stifle the free speech of Americans who have the constitutional right to express their opinion and concerns about health care," said Jay Sekulow, chief counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice. He called on Obama to repudiate his blog."


Remember when it was patriotic to dissent? It wasn't all that long ago. It was fashionable as recently as November 3rd.