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My former neighbor in Marin County, California is undoubtedly celebrating today.

Michael Savage and his legal beagle scored in a huge, nasty and very public fight from across the pond.

The new Home Secretary in the UK has removed his name from a list of foreign "enemies" who are banned from entry.

Savage, one of the highest rated talk-show hosts in the country, was shocked to discover that he had something in common with terrorists and common thugs - he was forbidden from entering the land of great dental work and fabulous food.

It was all a blunder.

"...Savage had sued outgoing Home Secretary Jacqui Smith for libel for listing him, along with 15 others, as "least wanted" visitors in the country. Meanwhile, Smith's successor, Alan Johnson, called the move a terrible blunder and told the London Daily Mail he would scrap the policy of maintaining such enemies lists.

"I am stunned by this sudden sign of sanity in the U.K. government," Savage told WND. "But I won't believe it until they send a letter to me confirming it."